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Wednesday, January 8 • 11:00am - 12:30pm
Software Sustainability

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It's commonly understood that software is essential to research, in data collection, curation, analysis, and understanding. It is also clear to researchers that scientific software is an instance of a software stack, with problem-specific software on top, discipline-specific tools next, general tools and middleware next, and infrastructural software on the bottom. These software stacks are often complex and fragile - changes within the stack cause the overall software to collapse and stop working - and as time goes on, work is increasingly needed to compensate for these problems. This is part of the challenge of software sustainability: keeping existing software running over time, whether for reproducibility or reuse. Another part is adapting the software to new research needs, new algorithms, and new types of hardware.

This session will cover multiple aspects of sustainability, including incentives that encourage sustainability activities, business models for sustainability (including public-private partnership), software design that can reduce the sustainability burden, and metrics to measure sustainability (perhaps tied to the definition of FAIR software).

This session eagerly seeks speakers who want to talk about an aspect of sustainability, challenges, or solutions. After a set of presentations, the attendees will discuss sustainability, with the goal of identifying activities that the ESIP community can undertake to increase sustainability of software related to ESIP (and volunteers to lead these activities.) How to Prepare for this Session: Check on the software you develop or use (or fund) in your research; think about how it is currently supported, and how you know it will still be available and working in 5 years.


Wednesday January 8, 2020 11:00am - 12:30pm
Forest Glen
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